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It was a great pleasure meeting Gyptian the reggae mega star, all the way from Jamaica. He was on tour in the UK and we managed to meet up with him in London for a chat.

He often appears with roots reggae songs within the reggae subgenre dancehall. Gyptian best known hits which include; Hold Yuh, Nah Let Go, Wine Slow, Serious Times, Mama, Beautiful Lady, I Can Feel Your Pain, Love Against The Wall and She's My Lady

Turns out he has got great taste in clothing, check out that T-Shirt of ours he's wearing.

Get Gyptians look - http://nofixedabodelondon.co.uk/products/fuck-normal-you-can-have-that-sun-on-black-t-shirt

Click on the image below to check out some of Gyptians tunes!



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