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Brrrrrrrrr its getting so cold! 

We survived the storm battering, and are all safe and sound. We secretly enjoyed the loud sound of the rain on the roof though.

All of a sudden, its so cold, we're diving for our coats and long sleeved tops. 

We've got some slick new fashion available now, have a look at the winter image we put together today, leather look leggings with a zip up the side, paddled grey and black jacket, wicked black hoodie dress... so comfy in this weather!




Hello, welcome!


We are now live, come on in take a look around, we are very excited. Behind the scenes here were crazy excited, watch this space, we will be updating this website daily with new fashion.

We have an amazing selection of winter fashion for the edgy girl around town. 


Next, over sized ripped hem sweats... keep in touch!






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