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Our  No Fixed Abode shop was SHUT from facebook, why?

We're not sure either, we are guessing its because we have a swear word on one of our t-shirts... Really facebook, really?! Aren't there more relevant things and posts you could be banning? 

We believe in freedom of expression, as long as it's not doing any harm to people, which our t-shirt in question is NOT! Its purely making a statement about - not wanting to buy into being 'normal' it's about hero-ing being an individual and wearing clothing that you want to, not conforming!

We have written to facebook, to see what the happs is and get back online with our shop, of which were now pleased to tell you it has been reinstated. Still not sure what the problem was

Click on the image to shop our Fuck Normal T-shirt!


Facebook shut No Fixed Abode Shop

Peace The NFA Team.


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