British fashion minnow No Fixed Abode threatens Versace

by Emma Mann on September 10, 2017

No Fixed Abode Threatens Versace

No Fixed Abode are taking Versace to court for using our brand all over their clothing and copying our style of previous collections. 

We WILL ALWAYS STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS, we don't care what size corporation you are or what senior title you have this means nothing to us. If it's wrong it's wrong, it is unacceptable to rip off other peoples creative ideas!

This is for all the artist's, musicians, designers, creators in the world, the authentic originals. We MUST always stand up for our rights, never let anyone, intimate you, or steal or ideas. They are yours, this world needs the artists of every form. Keep working and doing what you love. Band together support each other, lift each other up.

This is also for anyone that has ever been bullied, or intimated, you are more than enough, please know this and alway believe in yourself! Down with corporate greed! We will ALWAYS RISE to any challenges put before us and be successful!!!

This has been going on for over a year and we are bored them. See you in court Versace!Please comment and share, we'd love to know your opinion on this! If you have any questions please also comment below we'll answer them.Read the full article here. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/british-fashion-minnow-no-fixed-abode-threatens-versace-dfvk2v0spGrab a copy of the Sunday Times today, to read the full article in print.

Peace and love brothers and sisters! Emma Founder of No Fixed Abode. xx  

Article in The Sunday Times 10th September 2017 in the Business and Money Section.

British fashion minnow No Fixed Abode threatens Versace A fledgling British fashion label has threatened to sue the Italian giant Versace over alleged trademark infringement. No Fixed Abode, founded by Emma Mann, designs and sells clothing, shoes and accessories online and through 300 retailers in America, Australia and New Zealand as well as Britain. London-based Mann, pictured, says she has used a logo based on a lion’s head door-knocker since setting up the business in 2013, and trademarked the image for use on clothing at the start of this year. She alleges that Versace has used the same design on more than 220 products. Her lawyers sent a formal letter to the company last month warning that a claim would be filed at the High Court if it did not give a satisfactory response by Tuesday. This is not the first dispute between the two brands. Last year Mann complained to the European Union Intellectual Property Office that Versace had copied a No Fixed Abode design for a T-shirt. The Italian company said there were significant differences and warned it would counter-sue if she did not back down.

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