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Meeting the Guys from Papa Roach

Papa Roach in London

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with the guys from Papa Roach when they were in London for their UK Tour in April 2019 playing at Kentish Town 02. 

With my lovely all access stage pass I excitedly zoomed off to the gig, I got there before the doors opened and met their super nice PR lady. Big queues outside already and I was an hour before the doors opened, they are most defiantly hugely loved by this country and I can see why! I thought I'd bring a few gifts for the guys, and was met by Tobin the bass player outside who very kindly carried in the boxes inside for me. Seriously how nice is that?!

Inside I chatted with their PR lady who is utterly lovely as well as very clever. Such a pleasure meeting her and hearing the colourful stories of working with alternative bands. The Papa Roach guys were chatting to a woman fan in a wheel chair and taking pics with her. So nice!

Papa Roach London All Access Pass UK Tour

I briefly met the Papa Roach guys who were all very friendly and Jacoby (lead singer) said come up to our dressing room later, they were off to do meet and greets with fans. 

Jacoby Shaddix Papa Roach Emma Mann No Fixed Abode

I went up to the dressing room later on most of the guys had opened the gift packages. I happened to have a Union Jack Satin Bomber Jacket in the studio in what I guessed would be Jacoby's size. So on a wim took it for him. Figured he's got this punk vibe and I'd give it to him. Found the box and gave it to him - he was like "ooooooohhhhhhhh I like this!" He put it on and it fitted him perfectly, yeeeees! He renamed it the Union Jacoby Jacket, mega cool of him. I smiled from ear to ear as Jacoby strutted up and down the dressing room, saying "I feel so good in this" Was a humbling moment meeting these guys and better still giving them something from my brand and them loving it. 

Jacoby Shaddix Papa Roach No Fixed Abode Union Jack Jacket

Check this video of Jacoby saying thanks for the Jacket, this is where he names it. 


I've listened to Papa Roach since there formation, so ment a huge amount to say hi, hang out, have a chat and super nice that they like No Fixed Abode. 

I had chats with all the guys, about all sorts of stuff, like their most memorable gigs, Jerry (guitarist) had some great stories he shared. Tony, the drummer, showed me something mega cool he/they were doing for a USA gig... 

They opened with Last Resort, how fucking great is that song right, every time I get a spring in my step listening to it. They brought the house down, the energy they all brought to the set is insane, vocals were amazing, they have some powerful new songs, that I love. Then they did a tribute to the late Keith Flint and sung Firestarter - man alive that was brill! So incredible!!! These guys are truly talented, you can't help but pick up on the infectious hyper positive energy they bring. 

Jacoby Shaddix Papa Roach No Fixed Abode Union Jack Jacket UK London Tour

Jacoby worn his jacket loads, and it made me smile on the inside, that's why I do what I do, brings me such joy to see someone truly love a garment I designed. 

Jacoby Shaddix Papa Roach No Fixed Abode London Union Jack Jacket

When you meet people that have inspired you through your good times - yes their have had many messy nights listening to the Papa boys woken up with sore neck and head... and they have been with me in some of my darkest moments, it touches your heart deeply. These guys are truly amazing guys so down to earth and friendly. I’m feel honoured and hugely grateful that I've met them. Rock on boys you fucking rule!

Check out the Papa Roach Video featuring NFA's Union Jack (AKA Jacoby) Jacket 

I love the vibe of this video - such cool rawness we love from 3.50 especially.  

Papa Roach - Not The Only One (Official Music Video)

 Off you go, listen to or get yourself a ticket Papa Roach!

Big up to these guys!

Much Love




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