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No Fixed Abode is founded from Homelessness

Emma No Fixed Abode Streetwear

No Fixed Abode is founded my Emma Mann. Emma found herself homeless and pregnant. (Read More details on this here) Despite the odds being stacked against her, she engaged in battle to turn her life around and give her unborn daughter the life she never had.

 "I see No Fixed Abode as a symbol of determination, positive attitude and spirit, when faced with a huge amount of adversity. I will never give up on my dream and neither should anyone else." Comments Emma

No Fixed Abode is a Luxury Designer Streetwear Fashion Brand founded from Homelessness and Made in London.

For people that are non conformists. Living by Individual Anarchism. 

No Fixed Abode was founded 2013

The company was founded because Emma Mann had experienced extreme adversity, being homeless and pregnant. She decided to use this experience as a symbol of determination, No Fixed Abode is a symbol of the sheer grit that went into turning her life around. 

No Fixed Abode is based in London. The designer collection is produced in London. 

We have been called "A Young Vivienne Westwood" by Liberty of London. Versace Versus have copied our last 3 collections and used our brand mark on their colections. Action has been taken. Please see our press release in news. 

We have shown at Paris and London Fashion Weeks. 

Music artists love our music, punk, grime, rap and reggae mainly. 

We manufacture with production houses that are fair trade, innovation, design and sustainability led. We focus on creating luxury quality, expertly styled and responsibly manufactured garments for fashion retail. 

  • No use of child labour
  • No use of forced labour
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legal labour contracts
  • Payment of living wage
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination against employees
  • No excessive hours of work

No Fixed Abode only works with ethical producers in fashion textiles. We are supporters of social change and enterprise.

Our garments are part of the Fair Wear Foundation. The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation striving to improve working conditions in the textile industry. The foundation is an initiative by trade organisations in the textile sector, trade unions and NGO's.




About the collections

No Fixed Abode of London is an innovative international streetwear company, producing collections of clothing and accessories.

Since its creation in 2013, No Fixed Abode has pioneered individual statement pieces for men and women, into the world of premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market.

Our brand is made up of two fashion lines: one is our luxury designer line, Designed and Made in London, from the finest quality textiles we source. This is called No Fixed Abode of London. We design and make all the parts of the garments ourselves. This is a the design and manufacture of garments to a client's specific requirements and measurements.  

The other line is made up from is made up of everyday causal wear, of premium quality, still with a limited availability. We design everything in London, production is in Los Angles, California, The United States and England, United Kingdom.


No Fixed Abode’s Manifesto:

We live by our own set of rules and make our own way in the world. We are individual, lets show that through our clothing. 

We design and produce fashion garments of luxury quality for people that like to be different, get noticed, the rebels, the individuals, the pioneers of change. We Like standing out from the crowd, doing things differently. We don’t want to fit in or to conform. We’re all about freedom of expression.

No Fixed Abode are all about ethical working conditions for workers in the production houses we use. We will only work with companies that support and hero this statement.

We hero and support emerging artists as well as established. This is anyone in the world, from rappers, to break dancers. Our love music and dance, it has a strong presence, as a large influence of our brand, our founder Emma Mann grew up immersed in Reggae and the British Punk scene. 

This brand was created by a person and is still run by the founder who has lived the street culture. 


No Fixed Abode | Individual Anarchism