Creativity breeds creativity and music, dance and culture is a big part creative expression. We LOVE talented people and because of this we hero and support talented artists.

From emerging artists to more established. We support authentic talent that write and sing their own songs, about real thoughts, feelings and experiences.   


We had the pleasure of catching up with Gyptian while he was here in London on tour a few times. Such ultra talent!
Gyptian in the Fuck Normal T-shirt From No Fixed Abode


Here are a few pictures of the Custom Pimped T-shirt Gyptian has. If you want one contact us. 

Gyptian's T-shirt is hand printed and Made in London, customised by hand with Swarovski crystals. Strictly orders by request. No T-shirt will ever be the same.


Gyptian in The Customised Crystal Pimped T-shirt

No Fixed Abode Gyptian T-shirt



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We have supported the London Based MC Lyricist Artist HypeMan Sage. He has been talked about as the new 'Street's sound. Hip-Hop, grime is his base foundation. Here's a few pics of HypeMan Sage activity. The videos are on our No Fixed Abode facebook page. Below is a photo of HypeMan Sage preforming. We have also used his track Lonely People on our No Fixed Abode London Fashion Week Video
 HypeMan Sage with Big Swing Soundsystem
Subculture Sage
Subculture Sage