Versace’s Recent Rip-Off Raises Concerns about a Death Of Creativity.

NO FIXED ABODE is a luxury Streetwear fashion label that was established in 2013 by Emma, CEO and Founder of No Fixed Abode. The brand was developed specially for the rebels and nonconformists, living by the idea of “Individual Anarchism.” As Emma was heavily involved in the punk scene. Versace in Versace’s Versus SS 2016 collection ripped off No Fixed Abode of London’s style and ideas. In particular, Versace has used the No Fixed Abode - Lion Head Door Knocker copyright style as its own, on a global scale. As a part of the SS 2016 collection, the Lion Door Knocker been featured in their designs since February 2016. Whereas, No Fixed Abode has been using the Lion Door Knocker idea since 2013.

While “No Fixed Abode is highly flattered that Versace chooses to keep its brand relevant by taking direct inspiration from an urban street wear label like our own. However, in the interests of copyright, ideas, style, and vision it seems the boundaries between inspiration have been blurred significantly.” Emma said when she saw the Versus collection.

The biggest question raised by No Fixed Abode’s CEO, Emma “Is this the way a luxury fashion house should behave, using ideas from other brands creative vision, and touting it as their own?”

The brand No Fixed Abode of London, a luxury streetwear company from the UK has always stood against corporate greed and lies, and they refuse to be let No Fixed Abode styling and creative vision be used by a larger and more powerful brand. The company has taken legal advice, and have formally announced that they have taken legal action against Versace - the Versus sub style in particular for using No Fixed Abode style and ideas without permission. Versace have re launched a sub brand called Versus ‘a youth street-wear brand’

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Versace has been caught stealing from smaller designers and brands, in 2015, Versace hit the headlines with “Versace stole my designs” from another London based designer. These incidents have raised some concerns about the state of creativity and ideas at Versace. Whereas, No Fixed Abode stands for being different and celebrating and embracing these differences. They are also about ethical working conditions for workers in the production houses they use as well as global sustainability.

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About: NO FIXED ABODE is a luxury Streetwear fashion label, established 2013. They stand for the rebels and no conformists, living by Individual Anarchism.

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