Who wears No Fixed Abode of London? 
We get asked this alot, so we've put together a page for all those asking.
Here's a hand full of celebrities, music people and bands that we have made clothing for. Some of the celebrities are; 

Snoop Dogg    Papa Roach   Billie Eilish   Drake   

Steve Aoki      The Cure      Skunk Anansie     

Body Count      Craig David     Chrissie Hyde     

Gyptian     Nothing More     White Buffalo 


    Papa Roach

    All the guys in Papa Roach wear our brand. Jacoby Shaddix the lead singer regularly wears items from NFA.
    He (Jocoby) wore a Union Jack bomber Jacket on their UK tour in 2019.
    He even named his Jacket the Union Jacoby Jacket. 
     Papa Roach Jacoby Shaddix Union Jack Bomber Jacket
    Papa Roach Jocoby in NFA Jacket
    Papa Roach Jocoby Shaddix Union Jack Jacket No Fixed Abode Streetwear
    Papa Roach Tobin (NFA Jacket) and Jerry (NFA T-Shirt)
    Papa Roach Jerry Tobin in No Fixed Abode Jacket and T-shirt
    Craig David in NFA Jacket with KSI and Digital Farm Animals in Really Love (offical video)
    Craig David with KSI and Digital Farm Animals Craid in No Fixed Abode Black Chain Jacket Streetwear
    Steve Aoki in NFA Jacket with Aloe Blacc in My Way (offical video)
    Steve Aoki & Aloe Blacc No Fixed Abode Blue Leopard Jacket my Way Offical Video Streetwear
    Gyptian in NFA T-Shirt
    Gyptian Fuck Normal No Fixed Abode T-shirt Streetwear
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