Behind the scenes

Read about the real story behind the brand No Fixed Abode of London. Est 2013

The NFA Story

No Fixed Abode was born from exactly that, the founder Emma found herself homeless, penniless and with a new baby. With no home and now a mother she needed to find herself, build a life for herself and her daughter. A truly authentic punk herself, Emma discovered her voice and purpose by building NFA literally from grass roots. NFA brand values are "be authentically you" this brand is designed for those that want to be an individual yet still want to be part of a tribe of like minded individuals who embrace diversity. No Fixed Abode was established 2013. NFA is a story of a rebellious, creative, generous, kind hearted punk girl. If two words were used to describe fashion label founder Emma Mann, it would be “inspiration” and “positivity.” Woman’s day. Emma previously spent 25 years in the advertising industry as a creative director for luxury and bluechip brands, leading multi million pound campaigns. She's won many international creativity awards and her creative work has been published in numerous creative annuals.

What we do

No Fixed Abode is a punkrock streetwear brand, from London, England. We’ve won awards and other nice things. Founded in 2013, what were really about is the music!! We design music inspired streetwear for individuals. We see ourselves as an expression for the love of punk and metal music. Having had the pleasure of some of our favourite music artists wearing our gear, such as; Papa Roach, Skunk Anansie, The Cure, Evanescence, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (Motorhead), Body Count, Nothing More, Chrissie Hyde, Bille Elish, Snoop, Steve Aoki, Skindred, Craig David to name a few… to keep up to date with artists that rock our gear, follow us on instagram or Facebook “A young Vivienne Westwood” by Liberty of London.
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